Lucy Tag APK Download V1.2 Free For Android

Lucy Tag APK Download V1.2 Free For Android

Do you want to spend your social gatherings with other people? We are back with a new application, Lucy Tag APK, that offers a great platform where you can interact with different game lovers by playing games and completing game levels. This game offers a great environment where you can play virtually. It provides a realistic experience while playing the game. 

About Lucy Tag APK:

Hey guys, have you heard about the amazing Lucy Tag APK? It’s seriously a game-changer in the world of virtual reality. This unique multi-player app is all about giving you an unforgettable experience in the virtual world. Get ready to have a blast with your friends and explore a whole new dimension of fun! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your gaming experience. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  

Have you heard about this epic game called Lucy Tag Testing APK? It’s seriously next level, brought to you by the incredible LemmingVR, a total YouTube sensation! And guess what? Axiom is the publisher. This game is all about pushing the boundaries with its mind-blowing movement, gameplay, and seriously unique features. Get ready to be totally captivated, because Lucy Tag is about to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.
Lucy Tag APK

When it comes to Lucy Tag Discord APK, playing the game involves more than just using the VR device to navigate. It also incorporates physical interaction by using the player’s hands and arms. This introduces a completely different style of movement, which is quite different from traditional VR games that rely on analog sticks for motion or teleportation. This move allows the player to effortlessly navigate through the virtual world without the need to physically interact with the target in the real world.

Overview of Lucy Tag APK For Android:

The Lucy Tag APK download also includes a voice chat feature that is based on distance. This means that players can chat and communicate with each other while playing the game, which helps to create a sense of closeness and connection in the virtual world.

The APK offers players a variety of options and experiences with its three game modes: Casual, Infection, and Chase. Additionally, there are five different maps to choose from, including Jungle, Cave, Valley, City, and Mountain. The app offers a unique motor mechanics system that allows users to engage in activities like hunting, paintball, running, climbing, and jumping. These activities are designed to provide excitement and challenge for participants.

Lucy Tag APK

It offers a range of exciting virtual reality experiences, allowing users to engage in various movement activities and connect with friends through chat and communication features. It provides a creative and immersive way to explore the virtual world. This app offers an exciting journey filled with features and creative potential. It integrates six unique levels and shops, each offering a diverse selection of costumes and items.

Features of Lucy Tag APK:

#Levels of Exploration

There are six distinct levels with distinct terrain and obstacles. The player can investigate and challenge themselves throughout each level, encountering unique situations.

#Unique Movement Method

The Unique Movement Method employed by Lucy Tag APK is a one-of-a-kind way of getting around in the game. Instead of being dependent on traditional controls, players simply use their hands and arms to perform various in-game actions. To jump, the player can simply press the surface, and to climb, they can press down with both hands. No buttons or wands are required. I must say, engaging in virtual reality gaming through this innovative and exciting method is truly a delightful experience.

#Voice Conversation

Using distance-based voice communication, this app allows users to communicate with each other in-game. This facilitates communication and connection between virtual world participants.

#Hunting and Paintbrawl mode of play

In hunting mode, participants pursue their own individual objectives, creating an intense and engaging pursuit. Paintbrawl mode sets two teams against one another in a paintball conflict, testing the player’s combat skills.

#Distinctive Maps

The game has five different types of environments for players to explore, including jungle, cave, city, valley, and mountain. Because the location and atmosphere of each map are unique to that particular world, the experiences that may be experienced by players are always fresh and exciting.

#Dressed up Option

Options for Character Dressing Players have the ability to customize the appearance of their characters via the in-game stores. This enables you to establish a unique, solitary identity and customize your experience to suit your preferences.

# Cross-Platform compatibility

The app offers cross-platform compatibility, enabling players to enjoy the game together across various platforms, including PC. This feature allows for greater flexibility when it comes to connecting and playing with friends.

Lucy Tag APK


The Lucy Tag APK stands out as an exceptional and entertaining multiplayer virtual reality gaming app. Featuring one-of-a-kind locomotion mechanics, a number of distinct gameplay modes, and a selection of five varied landscapes, this game offers an unparalleled and captivating environment that immerses players in an extraordinary adventure. Voice chat that operates on the basis of distance, combined with the ability to connect across different platforms, facilitates networking and communication within the world of technology.


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App Info
  • App Name Lucy Tag APK
  • Package Name
  • Publisher Vika Shkara
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5
  • Version 1.2
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